I have chosen Latvia as my main source of inspiration. Latvia is the country of my birth and childhood.  In my collection I have included elements that have influenced me in my work and life. It is an inspiration that is most suited to the subject, as it contains my entire self. I tried to create a modern, feminine and elegant garment, delicately infused with Latvian motifs and elements that inspired me during my frequent stays in Jurmala, a town on the Gulf of Riga, which is surrounded by beautiful countryside, forests and the sea. The main features of the garment are its delicacy and its lightness.


The dress is layered in three parts, with an author’s original crystalline print in the top front panel creating a decorative element around the neck. I put a lot of thought into where to place my sublimation print because I also wanted to experiment with the pattern. In my thoughts and inspiration, I again returned to Jurmala on the coast of the Gulf of Riga on the Baltic Sea, where in winter the entire bay is frozen it was incredible for me to watch. Everywhere there glittered frozen ice crystals and this led me to the idea of further developing this motif. An accompaniment to the dress is a handmade handbag of my design, with
a special metal structure and glass from Moser, Inc., a traditional Czech glass manufacturer.




The dress is formed of three layers; each layer is an integral part of the overall concept and is a symbiosis of various elements. The bottom layer is made of satin silk in chocolate brown. It is a bush straight cut slightly fitted at the waist. The bottom side seams are finished with overlock stitch. The hidden zipper is sewn in the right side. Neckline, armholes and bottom edge are trimmed with oblique satin stripe.


The second layer is the dress of gray chiffon. The overall shape of the front part is enhanced by a front length to mid-thigh.     The bottom line is cut in an arc lengthening to the side seams and the back of the dress.


Technology of the handbag

The curved design of the handbag was made in
a special computer program. Cuts from paperboard were made exactly according to the design produced by this program. These cuts were then used to make beech wood moulds in which the glass was blown.


The resultant smoked glass was machine ground so that its surfaces were perfectly even and then polished to a high gloss. The jewel, the handbag, was stuck with cold glue using a UV lamp.




The back part of the dress is formed, from a line starting at the center by eight folds, which have a depth of 2.5 cm. These folds are stitched to peaks and the distance between the tips is 3.5 cm. The bottom line of the dress connects smoothly to the bottom line of the front part and is also cut to the extended arc. All seams are finished by adhesive fixation grid.




The third, top, layer is made of silver-gray organza. The length of the front part ends slightly below the chest line and the bottom edge is cut into a fine arc. Around the neckline in the front part there is the author’s geometric crystalline print with a gradient brown color.


The back part is made up in straight cut and the bottom line is connected smoothly to the bottom line of the front part. The dress is finished by fixation grid at the seams and all layers are scarfed connected in the epaulettes, where the hidden zipper is sewn.




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