Create the world with deta-il
by Ilona Fojtíková

I wondered how to bring people closer to second hand shops, I really want people to be more interested in how to recycle fashion and rather than to succumb to fast fashion. Of course, when we first look at second-hand material, it doesn't attract us at first, but on closer examination there can be something there which can really touch us and we can find some pieces that we can reshape in interesting ways.



Throughout all my work runs the idea that it’s “all about the detail”.  In this collection I decided to show  for example how we can  transform the lower parts into an interesting top with distinctive detail. At the same time, we will also achieve the transformation of the bottom part into a pair of beautiful new shorts, so we donť destroy the pants completely.


Come with me to the second hand shop or send me your old pair of jeans and I will recreate them into a beautiful new top with interesting detail just for you!




Denim for example: excellent material and second-hand we get sometimes really perfect and high-quality pieces. And that was my main idea. We can reshape the bottom to the top, use lots of this wonderful material and make it into interesting fashion pieces. My idea is  recycle jeans “down to up” so that they become an interesting top.



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